Lazy Week!

Photo: Wooooooo baseball!

        I have been bad, terrible even about posting this week. Monday rolled around and I thought to myself:

"I should probably write something"

        Then of course I forgot. We had plans to attend a Red Sox vs Mariners game at Safeco field in Seattle and my mind just wasn't on blogging. We had a blast though and I am now determined to learn as much as I can about baseball so I can complete with my husband for the title of "Die-Hard Fan" in our household. He's a Red Sox fan so of course I have to root for the Mariners. I think I might need a hat...
       Anyways, the game was awesome! I actually took a selfie! I never take selfies! That's how excited I was. I actually paid attention and knew what was going on! Hah! The Mariners are apparently doing well right now and won against the Red Sox for the first of what would be three times this week. I can't wait to go to another game :)

Photo: Bedazzling! This is way too much fun! #quiltingbling        Tuesday was much more laid back. Again I thought to myself: "I should probably write something" and again I got side tracked by something. This time however it was craft: quilt bedazzling!
        I spent a good chunk of the afternoon hanging out at a local shop decking out one of my quoodled quilts in all sorts of sparkly spots. I am bound and determined to pick up a bedazzler now. I had way too much fun.
        You might not think that heat setting little crystals could be entertaining. You would be wrong. I could very easily get carried away with this and end up with a quilt that has more crystals than stitches. Hah! I still have some bedazzling to do on this on so I don't want to post more pictures quite yet. They are a little hard to see in photos but they look really neat in person!

        After returning for an afternoon of bedazzling I had a bit of free time in the evening so I worked a bit on my Tardis Quilt. I am getting really close to finishing this guy. I have had the background all filled in for a while now but I am having tension issues when I try to stitch over the multiple layers of batiks in the flames. I have quite a bit filled in but I am wondering If it would be too weird to leave some of the flames merely outlined and not filled in. I would be fine with it but I wonder if the composition of the piece would suffer. I also wonder if I am thinking to hard about this. I wonder if I should just bind it and move on with my life. I love how it turned out but quilting it has been a bit of a challenge.

        A little while ago I posted a picture of this quilt on Reddit and got a huge response! I received many wonderful comments and way more up votes than I expected! Hah! A few people even offered to buy it! I couldn't believe it! I am not sure if I am ready to part with it but I really appreciate the interest. 
        If I did decide to sell, or make another one to sell, I would likely try to sell it for at least $500 and I am not sure if anyone would be willing to purchase it for that much. Even thought it's relatively small (27" x 44") it took quite a bit of time in both collage and quilting. I have at least 30 hours invested in it, if now closer to 40.  Regardless, I can't say how much the supportive comments and interest meant to me.
        If I do make another one, it will be slightly different, partly because I learned a few things while going about the first one, and partly because I think it would be impossible to recreate it exactly. I also got a few neat ideas from the Reddit community. We'll see where the summer take me :)

       Not much else to report for this week besides perhaps the garden tour (which was technically last weekend...). It was a total shot of inspiration followed by a chaser of discouragement because those gardens were so incredible I couldn't possible make anything similar happen in my own yard! Haha! I took some awesome pictures and picked up a few gardening tips and plants I will likely add next spring (glenora grapes in the front yard!). 

        It was a beautiful weekend for garden photography even though I barely know how to use my camera. I think some of the photos would make cool quilts and others would make awesome quilting designs :) I will likely play with some photos a bit too and learn a bit more about photo editing eventually. Until then I will leave you with these few :) 

        Until next time!


  1. Wow I love how you've interpreted the painting! The detailed flames and quilting detail are fantastic! I made a version earlier this year: but love what you did with the flames, they are beautiful!

    1. Thank you! Your version is Amazing! I love how your pieced the Tardis!!! That thread painting is intense! So cool!


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