Recently I've felt a little like I've been drifting through the summer with no real purpose. I have done plenty of sewing and teaching and quilting, but I've also done quite a bit of lounging and reading and playing games. I recently rediscovered Final Fantasy XIV which I was just a bit addicted to during the winter. It's harder to rationalize sitting on the computer all day when it's warm and beautiful outside but somehow I manage to accomplish it. I think I might have some problems with self control. I will quilt for hours on end without stopping to eat one day, then the next I will stare at the computer screen and run my character around an imaginary, albeit fantastically exciting, world the next. I guess my sewing room does get a bit hot as it is up stairs.... but enough excuses...

        This week I did manage to complete my second official customer quilt! A wonderful gal from the island approached me about quilting something for her a little while ago and of course I started thinking about how I wanted to quilt it weeks before it was ready. I decided on all over feathers and I am so glad I did.

        She sent along a fleece blanked to use as the backing. At first I was a skeptical because I'd never quilted with a fleece back and though it might stretch too much but I love how it turned out. It really shows off the quilting! And I can't say how pleased I am that my customer loved it too! I can't wait to quilt for her again :)

        In other news I am taking off tomorrow for a trip with my mother and some of her cousins. I haven't met many of my moms extended family so I look forward to getting to know them. Hopefully I will come back with some cool pictures too! Anyways, I've got an early flight in the morning so I will bid you farewell.

Happy crafting!


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