Happy Birthday To Me!

        My birthday was actually almost two weeks ago at this point but I had other stuff I wanted to blog about! The birthday itself was quiet. My hubby and I went out for coffee then had lunch with my grand parent. I had a few hours to kill before heading off to the monthly Tacoma MQG meeting so I took a nap. Exciting! I know! Anyways, The real birthday event ended up getting extended to the weekend when we headed over to my folks house on the island for a barbecue. The company was wonderful and the food was even better: salmon, potato salad and cheese cake among other delicious items. The best part however was when my parents pulled out the gift that they had been trying to keep secret for months!

Photo: Brand New Toy! Sew Excited! #featherweight

        My very own Singer Featherweight 222K! I have been interested, near obsessed with these adorable machines for over a year and mentioned my desire for one. Through a network of helpful friends they were somehow able to obtain one from a thrift store! A 222K even! And it is in amazing condition and came with everything I could possibly need! I squealed with delight as soon as I saw the immaculate case without even realizing what was inside. My father then regaled the tale of how this machine came into their possession, complete with additional commentary by the friends that helped obtain it. 

        Here it is at home in my sewing room. The very next day I took it out and figured out how to oil and clean it though it barely needs any love. I feared I might have done something to the tension for a bit but the probably resolved itself and it sews beautifully! I even used it to finish sewing my one-block-wonder.

Photo: Finally pieced together my #oneblockwonder yay! It's only been a month since I pieced together the rows and several years since I cut and pieced the hexagons! Sewn together on my new #featherweight222k!

        Not the best picture but it works. The rest of my birthday presents from Nate slowly trickled in during the next week. He bought me a long awaited grill and a few chairs for the deck. It's official, summer can finally begin. And that's where I am off to now, to savor the smoky delights of grilling on a hot afternoon.

        Till next time!


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