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The Long Awaited Swoopy Geese Tutorial!

A while ago, I shared a picture of one of my first swoopy geese projects and mentioned that I might write up a tutorial but then promptly forgot about it... Well the time has come to make good, here is the long awaited swoopy geese tutorial in all of its swoopy glory!

        Or perhaps not so long awaited? Anyways I am writing today for all my friends in the Tacoma Modern Quilt Guild hoping that this tutorial will provide a bit more insight to the whirlwind that is my design process. So, lets get started!    

Please Note! Unless you plan otherwise, the you will actually be designing the reverse side of the block. The finished block will be a mirror image of your pattern! (Sorry guys, I forgot to mention this at the meeting). If you have a specific design that needs to be oriented one way or another you might want to draw the general shape out correctly, then trace it onto the back of the same sheet of paper and work from there or use a computer to reverse the image.  

Edit (9/…

Big Show Excitement!!!

I am still new to this whole show business. I love attending shows both big and small but I've only submitted to one small show so I was nervous about trying out something bigger. I received lots of wonderful encouragement from many quilty friends and last week I finally got around to submitting a few quilts to the Northwest Quilting Expo in September. I am so excited to announce that both my quilts got in!

        Repeat pictures I know but I thought I would share what I submitted! So far I've been calling the above quilt "Come Sail Away" and felt comfortable with that name but I had no idea what to call the other one. It was sort of a creative exercise and was never really intended for anything important. I eventually decided on "Chaos of the Mind" and the more I think about it the more I like it :)


        In looking through my pictures for this point I realized I never shared a better picture of those big letters I started quiltin…

A Feathered Rose

Hi again ya'll! I feel like it's been ages since I wrote last. It hasn't but I feel as though I have been neglecting my blog again and I would sincerely like to change that! So here goes, I'm changin' it!

        Shorty before my mother and I left on our awesome family vacation I picked up a lovely little table topper top from a new client. We talked a bit about what she wanted and she pretty much gave me the go ahead to be creative while trying to include a rose in the center of the medallion. I went off on my way thinking about how I would like to quilt it and my mind went a bit nuts. I thought about it all through my trip. I even started doodling roses and pinteresting nice designs. I ended up drawing lots and lots of roses trying to come up with a design that could be quilted with minimal back tracking and still look fairly classy. I later came to understand that she had something much simpler in mind that I did but after a short email she gave me the g…

Back With Photos Galore

Hi all, I am back from my trip and ready to get back to it! Ok, ok, I've been back for a bit a just lazy about posting. It was a a heck of a ride and I came away with some great photos and some really wonderful memories.

        I started taking photos on the 2nd full day of the trip while in Roatan, Honduras. We got off the boat and had a bit of time to kill before heading off to Gumbalimba park so we sat in the shade on the dock. I couldn't believe how hot it was, though I guess I should have expected it....  

        After a short bus ride we arrived at the park where we saw some really cool trees!

        And pretty flowers

        And lots of Macaws. I love how the clothing matches the colors of the birds. I just had to take a picture. 

        They are such cool birds!

        And Monkeys! Oh my gosh the monkeys! They were so cute, and so very mischievous!

        I made a friend, though I think he liked my mom's cousin more....

        After visiting the mon…