A Feathered Rose

        Hi again ya'll! I feel like it's been ages since I wrote last. It hasn't but I feel as though I have been neglecting my blog again and I would sincerely like to change that! So here goes, I'm changin' it!

        Shorty before my mother and I left on our awesome family vacation I picked up a lovely little table topper top from a new client. We talked a bit about what she wanted and she pretty much gave me the go ahead to be creative while trying to include a rose in the center of the medallion. I went off on my way thinking about how I would like to quilt it and my mind went a bit nuts. I thought about it all through my trip. I even started doodling roses and pinteresting nice designs. I ended up drawing lots and lots of roses trying to come up with a design that could be quilted with minimal back tracking and still look fairly classy. I later came to understand that she had something much simpler in mind that I did but after a short email she gave me the go ahead. Here's a shot of my a practice rose that I came up with.

        I liked how it came out but knew I could do better. The reference lines had to be drawn free hand because I already had the quilt sandwich made up from a previous practice session. It ended up being good practice just drawing the rose out again since the actual quilt top contained too many layers for my light board to be of any use. After a bit more practice and picking up some matching thread I was ready to get started. And here is the big reveal!

        The pink is a bit salmony in this photo, but quilting shows nicely! Just don't look at my toe ;) I decided to quilt a wreath of feathers around the Dresden plate I love how they came out. I used matching thread in both the pink and brown sections and I really love how the pink thread makes the designs really pop. 

        I am really pleased with how the central rose turned out. It was really difficult to see my drawn lines so I had to go fairly slow but it was worth it in the end!

        Here's a shot of one of the rose buds on the outer corners of the center. I love how the feathers frame the bud but I almost fear that they distract from it and bury it in the texture. I think the design came out well though. Initially I had wanted to do trailing vines with leaves bit I decided against that after realizing the design I was using left too much open and unquilted space. All in all I am very pleased with how it turned out and and happy to announce that my client liked it just as much! 

        Now on to some exciting new projects. I have so many fun plans! 


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