Back With Photos Galore

        Hi all, I am back from my trip and ready to get back to it! Ok, ok, I've been back for a bit a just lazy about posting. It was a a heck of a ride and I came away with some great photos and some really wonderful memories.

        I started taking photos on the 2nd full day of the trip while in Roatan, Honduras. We got off the boat and had a bit of time to kill before heading off to Gumbalimba park so we sat in the shade on the dock. I couldn't believe how hot it was, though I guess I should have expected it....  

        After a short bus ride we arrived at the park where we saw some really cool trees!

        And pretty flowers

        And lots of Macaws. I love how the clothing matches the colors of the birds. I just had to take a picture. 

        They are such cool birds!

        And Monkeys! Oh my gosh the monkeys! They were so cute, and so very mischievous!

        I made a friend, though I think he liked my mom's cousin more....

        After visiting the monkeys we got a bit of time to hang out on the beach before heading back to the ship.

        The next day we stopped in Cozumel, Mexico. We docked right next to the biggest cruise ship in the world. Look at how tiny our boat looks in comparison! We sailed near this ship and one other throughout the entire trip. It was like we had company out on the open ocean.

        We had a very full day ahead of us so after docking we immediately boarded a ferry to take us to the mainland of Mexico. When we got off the ferry I just had to take a picture of the water. It was such a gorgeous color of turquoise. We then hopped on a bus that took us an hour away to the Tulum ruins.

        Tulum was a sort of holy site for the Mayans and the temple (pictured below) also served as a light house to guide ships through a a break in the coral reef along the coast. Our guide told us that nearly 10,000 people lived within its walls. 

        I tried really hard to take pictures without any other tourists in them, hah! It was difficult but I think I got a few cool shots.

        Once again the water was beautiful, and many people were enjoying it. I didn't realize that we could have gone swimming in the ruins so I didn't bring my towel from the bus :(

        A cool shot of the wall around Tulum as we were leaving the site. 

        After a very quick bite to eat at a nearby resort we had a little over a half hour to enjoy the beach. The water felt amazing after walking around in the bright sun. I had been so hot and sticky that I didn't even mind the damp hour long bus ride then 45 minute ferry rise back to our ship. While the expedition felt fairly rush and we didn't get a whole lot of time at either the ruins or the beach, it was still really fun and very beautiful.  

        If I ever go back to Mexico this is where I want to stay!

        This last photo of the trip shows the towel animal family we collected while on the boat. The first night we received an elephant. Fearing that they would replace it the next day we specifically asked for a friend for our elephant and we were delighted to find a rabbit keeping the elephant company. The following day our towel companions sought to start a family and so the baby rabbit arrived. We then learned how to create our own animals to leave the room with a a few more babies. It was way too much fun! We even got to see our room attendants reaction which was just about as excited as we had been when he brought the first little rabbit. 

All in all it was a great trip. I came home with a nice tan, a camera full of photos and heart full of wonderful memories!

Now, back to sewing :)


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