Big Show Excitement!!!

        I am still new to this whole show business. I love attending shows both big and small but I've only submitted to one small show so I was nervous about trying out something bigger. I received lots of wonderful encouragement from many quilty friends and last week I finally got around to submitting a few quilts to the Northwest Quilting Expo in September. I am so excited to announce that both my quilts got in!

        Repeat pictures I know but I thought I would share what I submitted! So far I've been calling the above quilt "Come Sail Away" and felt comfortable with that name but I had no idea what to call the other one. It was sort of a creative exercise and was never really intended for anything important. I eventually decided on "Chaos of the Mind" and the more I think about it the more I like it :)


        In looking through my pictures for this point I realized I never shared a better picture of those big letters I started quilting. I still love how they turned out and can't wait to quilt some more. They provide a quick and easy way to practice various techniques and I fell like I have actually accomplished something after a few hours, haha!

        Oh! I also got a henna tattoo while hanging out at the Tacoma MQG booth on Saturday! Don't worry it will fade away eventually ;) We had a fun time relaxing a chatting to folks during the Music and Art at Wright Park event. It really was a blast. My several of my cohorts ended up getting vintage sewing machine henna tattoos but I just had to go with feathers!

        Until next time!


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