Northwest Quilting Expo

        Last Saturday I had the a wonderful opportunity to attend the Northwest Quilting Expo where two of my quilts were on display! It was a long day but an awesome one all together. My mother hopped on a ferry at about 6:50 and booked in over to my house so that we could meet up with some other gals at a near by park and ride. We all piled into the car at about 7:45 and off we went! It was a bit of a drive to Portland but the time flew by quickly and before we knew it we were pulling into the expo hall parking lot. After purchasing out tickets and passing through the doors of the hall we were greeted with an overwhelming sight of color and craftsmanship.

        We decided to explore the expo row by row but I was anxious to find my quilts. I started out with my eyes peeled and nearly held my breath around every corner. Of course my quilts were among the last few rows so it took a while to get there and I was quickly distracted by all of the other beautiful quilts haha.

        I got so see one of my favorite quilts from Pinterest! I have been obsessed with this quilt since I found it over a year ago. This quilt held one of the images that inspired my own quilted ship that was hanging in the show! It was so cool to see it up close and really look at the quilting. I later found out that the image was a painting commissioned by the Oregon Coastal Quilters Guild which was then turned into a panel to be sold. This was of course a few years ago and all of the panels are likely gone but I still hold a tiny hope that I might be able to buy one somehow :)

        I was stopped in my tracks by this beautiful quilt! The detail of the background is incredible and the feathers of the rooster are way too cool. I stared at this beauty for a while before even having the thought of taking a picture. 

        Look at the feathers!!! JUST LOOK! They are so cool! Each feather was fused and cut out around a designs. I think the big gold feathers were once a piece of bamboo batik and the little ones are either smaller printed leaves or an actual feather design. Either way this quilt is amazing! I wanted to take it home and just stare at it some more. 

        This one was definitely done by a quilter after my own heart! That horse is beautiful and those feathers pop out so nicely. And guess what! It was hanging right by one of my quilts!!!

        It was really fun to see my quilts hanging among so many gorgeous pieces of art. It was also really fun to stand back while "admiring" another quilt and listen to the comments of other viewers... hah! It's hard to tell but this one is super sparkly. It is covered in hot fix crystals. 

         My other quilt was one row over and further down but I found it eventually. I think that gorgeous bird of paradise applique piece next door stole the show but that's ok :) I heard some lovely comments about both my quilts and that made my heart soar. 

        After taking off from the show we headed to several quilt shops around town. I spent under twenty dollars on fabric! I can't believe how much restraint I was able to conjure up. Of course it was hard to turn down some lovely Tula Pink that I cam across. I ended up coming home with some cute Viking fabric and two pieces of Tula Pink to add to my slowly growing collection. After hitting up Fabric Depot (which was chaos and totally awesome) we were back on the road for home, pulling into the park and ride around 8 pm. The trip was quick and totally packed full of quilty goodness. 
        A few days after the show ended I received a box with my neatly packaged quilts, a few participant ribbons and some very nice notes from the judges.

       All in all it was a very fun weekend!


  1. Congratulations on your Show Quilts! They are both amazing and thanks for sharing the pix! That Rooster is Awesome!!


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