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New Years Resolution Time!

It's that time again, it's that time again, it's that wonderful holiday time again! Actually, I guess the holidays are officially over so I take that back... but I think there is still time for me to set the new year in motion of my resolution. I am not very good at keeping my resolutions but I there is a first time for everything! Since starting my first teaching job in September I have been terrible at posting and updating and (as much as I hate to admit it) actually sewing. I get a few small things done here and there but nothing major and that has made me sad. So, for my 2015 new years resolution I vow to not let me passion for quilting get totally pushed to the wayside. I want to continue to create! Even when I feel like I am too tired to accomplish anything. This probably means for hand projects... or finishing the ones I've had in the works for a while... I would also like to continue posting on this here blog more than once every 3 months for sure!