New Years Resolution Time!

         It's that time again, it's that time again, it's that wonderful holiday time again! Actually, I guess the holidays are officially over so I take that back... but I think there is still time for me to set the new year in motion of my resolution. I am not very good at keeping my resolutions but I there is a first time for everything! Since starting my first teaching job in September I have been terrible at posting and updating and (as much as I hate to admit it) actually sewing. I get a few small things done here and there but nothing major and that has made me sad. So, for my 2015 new years resolution I vow to not let me passion for quilting get totally pushed to the wayside. I want to continue to create! Even when I feel like I am too tired to accomplish anything. This probably means for hand projects... or finishing the ones I've had in the works for a while... I would also like to continue posting on this here blog more than once every 3 months for sure!
        On that front I have some catching up to do. I did make a few things that I deemed blog worthy over the past few months. Of course that means I now have to dig up some photos...

Ok, just a second....

I know they are here somewhere....

I think I've got something......

Ah Ha! Here we go!

       So when we last left off I posted about our trip down to see all the wonderful quilts at the Portland Sewing Expo. I am still in awe of so many of those wonderful quilts! Well shortly before heading to the expo I got inspired by a group of self proclaimed "Badass Quilters" and decided that I myself might qualify, or at least I could pretend that I qualified and as such needed some sort of method to proclaim this to the world. So I made a bag! I used sharpie to draw and shade my big letters and then quilted the hell out of it. I now carry it with me to all quilting related events.



After completing the bag I took a bit of a break and then jumped on a project that I picked out at Island Quilter during the summer. While I still love all of the fabrics on their own I am not sure how I feel about them all put together... I am a little disappointed to be honest. I think once it's quilted I will be more happy with it... whenever that is...hah!


      I also started quilting a repurposed challenge quilt that I started working on earlier this year. I completely missed the deadline for the challenge but mine wouldn't have held a candle to the ones that won. They are incredible! I've made a bit more progress since this was taken. I will try to post some more pictures soon...


As December grew closer and closer I started to remember that I had agreed to show my quilts at the Artist Studio Tour on Vashon Island. I also started to realize that I had barely any inventory prepared... I tried to whip out a few small things and actually finished another version of my "Come Sail Away" quilt. I almost like how this one came out a little more than my first version... I like the proportions of the central ship to the rope/anchor and tentacles. I have now completed 4 projects with this image, I think it might be time to put it away for a while.


        Here is a shot of part of my set up on the studio tour. The lighting wasn't great and I used my phone so it's not a great photo but that's alright. "The Pandorica Opens" (Exploding Tardis) drew a lot of attention which was really neat. It was published in the brochure as the image for our studio and people came by the studio just to see it!!!

        Finally, at the start of my two week break, I started working on an English paper piecing project from a year and a half ago. I pieced them all together and then had to figure out how to use them. I figured that this was as good a time as any to tackle the "Sew Together" bag. I would need a small sewing project bag for our trip down to Florida and the "Sew Together" bag is just so dang cute.

        I like it so much I might need to make another.... just maybe not quite yet! That is one complicated pattern! Ok maybe not all that complicated but it certainly seemed like it after 6 hours of sewing. I am just glad I had so many opportunities to see the completed bags made by my guild mates. They all did such a wonderful job on their bags.


        As you can see, my brand new bag is packed full of more English paper piecing papers and fabric. I prepped all of those squares while in Florida and promptly prepped more when I got home. I am still not entirely sure what I am going to do with them (or how I will store them) but I am having fun researching ideas. I am thinking diamonds.

Ok, almost done.... one last story. While hunting for storage for my hexies I came across a project I started years ago. I thought to myself, "lets start this year off right and check at least one thing off my list." I laid it all out on the floor and was fairly pleased with the arrangement.

Just then my husband made known his desire for dinner and, as he has been quite sick, I obliged. I was in the kitchen for just over 5 minutes.... and of course a lot can go wrong in 5 minutes.... Unbeknownst to me my cat had found my freshly arrange top... and had her way with it. Be prepared, the following picture is not for the faint of quilty heart.

          I was devastated! I thought I'd never quilt again! All hyperbole aside I was fairly upset. I kicked her out of the room and proceeded to arrange it as close as possible to how it had been. I don't think I got it quite right... (the first picture is actually my "after" pic but the story works better this way! Hah!) but I like it well enough. I then returned it to its box.  Maybe that's what I will do tonight?

         And that's all I got for ya! Happy Quilting!



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