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Bringing Bustle Back

I will not deny that I have been remiss in both my blogging and my sewing duties since I started my job in September. I honestly thought I would have more time, or better yet more energy to climb the stairs to my sewing room and get some crafting done. More often then not however I didn't make it past the couch when I returned home from work. Even weekends seemed to fly by without a thought of sewing... I am sew ashamed!

        Well, yesterday I broke the cycle. Last month I fell in love with a skirt on display at Calico Threads. It was so poofy and bright that I knew I had to have it in my closet. Only problem: the pattern is designed to fit a child... and I am obviously not a child... Hmmm... So after much thought, I decided to forgo attempting to recreate this adorable skirt and promptly forgot about it. This weekend however, after teaching one of my beginning free motion quilting classes at Calico Threads, I rediscovered the skirt in question and figured "Why not…