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Here Comes Another One, Just Like the Other One

Alright you've caught me, not "just" like the other one, but the point remains: I seem to be on a bit of a roll when it comes to making skirts recently. I've completed two more since my last post and I have plans for a few that I would like to tackle....fabric waiting in the wings as it were.

        The first of the two I actually completed on a school night! That's right, I came home from work and made a skirt! I couldn't believe it myself. It's just a gathered skirt with a polka dot waist band but I like how it turned out. It's already a bit wrinkled after wearing it once :( and as I hate ironing clothing that may or may not be remedied.... I picked up the fabric last year with plans to make a different skirt which I did end up making, just not in this color combination. Now that skirt is a bit too big. I might try to take it in. Well see.

         I am a bit more excited about the second skirt. I found the pattern online and fell in love …