Here Comes Another One, Just Like the Other One

        Alright you've caught me, not "just" like the other one, but the point remains:
I seem to be on a bit of a roll when it comes to making skirts recently. I've completed two more since my last post and I have plans for a few that I would like to tackle....fabric waiting in the wings as it were.

        The first of the two I actually completed on a school night! That's right, I came home from work and made a skirt! I couldn't believe it myself. It's just a gathered skirt with a polka dot waist band but I like how it turned out. It's already a bit wrinkled after wearing it once :( and as I hate ironing clothing that may or may not be remedied.... I picked up the fabric last year with plans to make a different skirt which I did end up making, just not in this color combination. Now that skirt is a bit too big. I might try to take it in. Well see.

         I am a bit more excited about the second skirt. I found the pattern online and fell in love with it and just had to make it, in one or more color options. I had plans and ideas bursting in my mind right away. Initially I was on the hunt for either a plain navy or a big black and white polka dot, neither of which I have found yet. While hunting through an unnamed fabric store I did find the most perfect peacock fabric. This fabric is like a peak into my soul. It is so me. It is also upholstery fabric and I wasn't sure if it would work. After much inner struggle I put it away. Only to return about a week later to purchase it. I couldn't be more pleased with how it turned out.    

          This awesome peacock skirt is fully lined in green silk and all the seams are hidden. The lining is sewn in by hand and zipper is hand picked! 

        Look at that lining! And it feels amazing!

         I am so excited about this skirt and I feel like it has given me a bit more confidence about clothing construction. I used to love making my own clothes and I might be experiencing a bit of a resurgence of that old obsession :)

         In other news I am participating in my very first instagram mini quilt swap: The Text-Me mini swap. I've been toying with the idea of participating in a swap for a while. Thought it might give me the motivation to get my butt in gear and do some sewing. I have yet to actually start but I am building some ideas and collecting fabrics (The best part of any project). Here's what I've got so far. Hope my partner likes it!

        Also! I am getting closer to purchasing my very own longarm, so you know, there's that :)


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