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I know that probably doesn't seem like a lot to an experienced blogger, especially over the lifetime of the blog but to me that feels like a real accomplishment!!! It's a nice big number to look at when I check my stats! I will have to check them more often... Over the summer I have had trouble once again maintaining my blog and now that school has started I fear I will slip even further into absenteeism. It's not that I don't want to blog... it's just that I forget... or I don't think I have anything work blogging about.
        Today at least that isn't the case! I am finally here to report that my longarm was delivered and assembled 2 weeks ago! Yes it's up and running and I am having a hard time writing this post instead of sprinting upstairs to quilt. The shipment weighed close to 450 pounds and somehow Nate and I managed to un-crate it and bring it into my sewing room on the second floor. He has vowed never to move it again....

        My …