I know that probably doesn't seem like a lot to an experienced blogger, especially over the lifetime of the blog but to me that feels like a real accomplishment!!! It's a nice big number to look at when I check my stats! I will have to check them more often... Over the summer I have had trouble once again maintaining my blog and now that school has started I fear I will slip even further into absenteeism. It's not that I don't want to blog... it's just that I forget... or I don't think I have anything work blogging about.
        Today at least that isn't the case! I am finally here to report that my longarm was delivered and assembled 2 weeks ago! Yes it's up and running and I am having a hard time writing this post instead of sprinting upstairs to quilt. The shipment weighed close to 450 pounds and somehow Nate and I managed to un-crate it and bring it into my sewing room on the second floor. He has vowed never to move it again....

        My wonderful A-1 dealer Kim arrived the following Saturday to set it up and teach me how to use and maintain it. It was almost difficult being in my sewing room while it was sitting there not yet assembled. Gladly I didn't have to wait too long.

        The frame sits back into the nook so that it can be out of the way. There is not much wiggle room in the nook so my plan was to put it on casters and pull it out when I wanted to use more of the frame. So far it's worked pretty well :) While carrying and assembling my machine I kept referring to it as a beast. When it came time to name him I decided to go with Adam as Adam is the name of the beast in Beauty and the Beast. I thought it was also funny in reference to the manufacturer (A-1... get it?!?)

     I decided that my very first project should be special but not something that I would want to ruin with my practicing so I picked this beautiful monstrosity. I made this quilt top back when I was 16 after finding a picture that I liked in a book at a friend's grandmother's house. I didn't calculate yardage, I didn't read the instructions and I didn't measure the top when adding on the borders. As a result it is a quilter's nightmare. The borders a beyond ripply and the seams were coming undone even before I put it on the machine. Perhaps I could have taken it apart and resewn most of it but that would have been too time consuming...

        Now that it's on the frame and I've had some time to play I think it's looking okay. Black thread really makes you pay attention to your backtracks and where you lines meet. It can be thoroughly discouraging but it can also be really good practice. I figured I would do some of Karlee Porter's "graffiti quilting" and I have come to realize that I totally suck at tracing my lines. That is something in particular that I would like to practice haha!
        So now it's off to the longarm for me! Happy crafting!


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