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The Bad Blogger

Hah! I started this post in November.... of last year.... and do you want to know how far I got?

The title. 

That's it... 

I really am a bad blogger :(
       I guess it's been a busy several years... seeing as how I haven't posted much since I started my teaching job in 2014. I can't believe how quickly time flies (which is consequently the name of a post I wrote in august of 2015 about how little blogging I had accomplished, hah!). Since the last time I posted I did indeed get my longarm, and I have loved it ferociously, when I am not too tired to quilt. I started experimenting with different kinds of painting (nothing much to show for it though), spent a summer playing the saxophone (and attended an amazing Jazz Camp in Port Townsend), started doing yoga, stopped doing yoga, and started doing yoga again (then took a break because I got sick but I promise I be back at it once school starts) and beat FFXV in 57 hours over about a week and a half.  I have probably don…