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My business has taken a little bit of a break since I found my first teaching job but I hope to be back up and running soon with my own longarm. How cool would that be?!?! If you are interested in having something quilted please don't hesitate to contact me.


All over designs start at $0.02 per inch depending on the complexity of the designs. All over designs are hand guided and completely unique featuring a single design quilted from edge to edge of the quilt. No two quilts featuring these all over designs will ever be exactly the same. There is a minimum charge of 100 for all over design quilting.   

Custom quilting starts at $0.03 per inch depending on the complexity of the designs. Custom designs employ a wide variety of filler techniques as well as focus designs to accentuate the customers beautiful piecing. All custom quilting will be discussed beforehand so that I can assess what you want for your quilt. There is a minimum charge of $150 for custom quilting.

To determine the cost of the quilting alone multiply the width of your quilt in inches by the length of your quilt in inches and the multiply the result by your desired quilting rate, depending on what type of quilting you might want.


55" x 70" = 3,850" x $0.02 = $77

Width Length Total Area Cost per Inch Total Cost


I hope to eventually provide a small variety of batting. Batting can also be purchased from your local quilt shop. I humbly request that if you choose to provide batting that it be of high quality (ex. Quilter’s Dream, Hobbs, etc).


The cost of thread is charged by the bobbin starting at $1.00 per bobbin with a minimum charge of $5.00. Variegated and specialty threads may increase to $2.00 a bobbin and may require a special order.

There will be a thread change charge of $10 if the quilting requires multiple or excessive thread changes. Thread changes can provide a wonderful accent to a beautiful quilt, however they take additional time away from the quilting and sometimes require more thread than would be used otherwise.

Miscellaneous Charges

Binding! I would be happy to finish your quilt for by by binding the edge with a single fold binding for $0.25 per inch. You can find the cost for the binding by measuring and adding together all sides of the quilt top. 


55" + 55" + 70" + 70" = 250" x 0.25/inch = $62.50

I would ask that you please provide the fabric with which you wish the quilt to be bound.

Sleeves and Labels! I can easily add both sleeves and labels to your quilt for a charge of $10 per item. Sleeves provide an easy way to hang and display your awesome quilts while labels are a great way to remind everyone exactly who made it, when they made it and who it is for! 

Prepping Your Quilt!

  • Like many other longarm quilters I require that both the batting and the backing be at least 4 inches larger than your quilt top on all sides.
  • Please press both the quilt top and the back to make sure there are no large creases or tucks before folding it up for transport. 
  • If the batting come in a package, please remove the batting from the package ahead of time and allow it to be unfolded for a while. Packaged batting tends to maintain its creases unless it's been allowed to settle a bit. 
  • Please try to remove any stray threads from both the back and the front of your quilt top. These threads could potentially be stitched down between the quilt top and the batting and remain visible under light colored fabric. Threads caught in seams may be stitched over and difficult to extract once quilted.

I hope to update this page routinely as I go along. Thanks for your interest and please don't hesitate to contact me!


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